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The stainless steel has a characteristic high corrosion resistance and temperature.
When distributed homogeneously the constitution Steel, Chrome, on contact with air to form a thin layer that protects the material from oxidation and corrosion from the environment. You can add other elements to further improve this mixture: 
Known as Austenitic, this is a compound formed by alloys Iron + Chromium + nickel. 

Its main features are: 
• High resistance to corrosion; 
• High durability; 
• Non-magnetic; 
• Cryogenic Applications, may be used in high and low temperatures due to its resistance to oxidation and softening at high temperatures; 
• When heated above 600 ° C, the material AISI 304 is more who indicated steels containing low carbon as the 304L and 316L, due to its tendency to corrosion of the grain boundary; 
• Weldable pro various processes. 

The Ferritic alloys are formed by iron + chromium. 

Its main features are: 
• Present magnetic characteristics; 
• Do not hardened by quenching (martensitic transformation); 
• Can be drilled, cut, bent etc; 
• With a high resistance to corrosion; 
• Soldiers using special features; 
• Attention to reheat the other temperatures: there grain refinement by thermal treatment. 

The Martensitic alloys are composed mainly of Iron + Chromium + Carbon. 

Its main features are: 
• Present magnetic characteristics; 
• When heat-treated have moderate resistance to corrosion; 
• harden with heat treatment; 
• Hard soldering process; 
• Good resistance to solutions such as nitric acid, however, corrosive reducing solutions with sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. 
• Fall in resistance with increasing quantity and elements as Carbon, Sulfur and Phosphorus.
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